Pet Vaccines

Schedules for Cats and Dogs

Vaccines are an essential aspect of preventative pet care. Without vaccinations, pets are vulnerable to any number of deadly diseases that are easily preventable. Some vaccines are even required by law for pets to have, such as the rabies vaccine. If your pet still needs to be vaccinated, our veterinarians at Alum Rock Animal Hospital provide this service. To set up your initial appointment, call (408) 258-2735.


Inquire about Pet Vaccines

Cats and dogs should receive immunizations, which will protect them from diseases that could result in severe sicknesses or death.

During an initial visit at our office, your pet will be examined and you will be provided with an immunization schedule. If you have any concerns, ask them, and our veterinarian will explain the immunization procedure to you, including what you can expect during and after your pet's appointment.

Preventative Care for Your Pet

Pets rely on their owners to provide for their health and happiness. Among the things you can do to ensure your pet's health and safety, preventative care ranks as one of the most important. A key aspect of preventative veterinary care is vaccinations. Without vaccinations, your pet is vulnerable to a host of deadly viruses and bacteria. If you want to ensure the health and safety of your pet, it's imperative that you provide them with the vaccinations they need to live long and healthy lives.

Make Follow Up Appointments

Our veterinarian in San Jose provides all types of preventative care, including vaccinations. After an initial round of immunizations, your pet will require additional booster shots on a set schedule. Our veterinarian will provide you with this schedule so that you can ensure your pets are kept safe. While rare, if your pet experiences an adverse reaction to an immunization or if you have any questions pertaining to the care of your pet, call us at (408) 258-2735 to speak to one of our associates. At Alum Rock Animal Hospital, we're here to help you and your pets enjoy your lives together.