Kidney Failure in Dogs

Kidney Failure in Dogs and Our Pet Care

At Alum Rock Animal Hospital, we're on a mission to help pet owners understand their pet's health and make the best treatment decisions possible. One of the most devastating ailments you might come across is kidney failure in dogs. Our animal hospital is here to delivery pet emergency care so your dog can make a speedy recovery. We serve San Jose, CA. 

kidney failure

What Is Kidney Failure?

Your dog's kidneys are responsible for filtering waste and removing toxins from their body. When the kidneys stop working, your pup’s health is in danger. Kidney failure can occur due to many different factors, including genetics, age-related issues, or pre-existing medical conditions.

Unfortunately, kidney failure isn't something you can see with the naked eye. Instead, regular pet care and vet appointments can catch early signs of this disease. Signs may include changes in appetite, frequent urination, and increased lethargy, among others.

The Treatment for Kidney Failure in Dogs

When your pup is experiencing kidney failure, it’s essential to seek medical attention from a vet as soon as possible. A veterinary expert with us at Alum Rock Animal Hospital will diagnose kidney failure or other medical issues through testing. This might include urine tests, or more. Depending on the severity of the disease, a vet on our veterinary team may recommend a specific treatment plan tailored to your pet's individual needs.

Treatment may be as simple as dietary modifications or as complex as hospitalization and intensive care. In either case, it can be important that your dog receives the correct pet care he can increase his chances of survival.

Is Kidney Failure Treatable?

A vet on out veterinary team can answer any questions about kidney failure so you can set your mind at ease. Kidney failure is often diagnosed in stages, and the sooner caught, the better the chances of successful treatment. With the right care and medical attention, your pup can be comfortable, and you can help prevent them from getting any further complications due to kidney failure.

At Alum Rock Animal Hospital, we understand how difficult it can be to witness your pet suffering from kidney failure. Rest assured that our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Get Pet Emergency Care from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital in San Jose, CA

When it comes to kidney failure in dogs, early detection is key. If you're worried your pup might be experiencing symptoms of kidney disease, don't delay. Book an appointment with us today so we can provide the best pet emergency care for your beloved furry friend. Call us at (408) 258-2735 for more information. We at Alum Rock Animal Hospital are here to help. A veterinarian on our veterinary team is here to help.