Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care in San Jose

Alum Rock Animal Hospital provides the best dental care for your pet. We are all about quality care for your pet. Dental care for your pet is very important. Like how people brush their teeth, pets need dental care to stay healthy and prevent any harmful diseases that could develop from the mouth.

Poodle with a toothbrush

Dental Exam for Your Pet

As your pet ages, your pet may be more prone to developing more dental problems.  One of the common dental problems in pets is plaque. If not cared for properly, plaque can build up and damage the teeth and gums. Once that happens, your pet may feel discomfort because of the irritation from the gum lines. In severe cases, your pet may experience tooth loss as well as bleeding gums.

Good dental hygiene is necessary to prevent these problems from occurring. Your San Jose Veterinarian will provide a complete dental examination of your pet's teeth. Pet dental care can be easily taken care of when you bring your pet into our animal hospital for a routine checkup.  Our veterinarian may take x-ray images to see how your pet’s teeth are.  After the initial exam, our veterinarian will provide you all the necessary preventative care and recommendations to ensure that your pet has good dental care.

Sadly, our animal hospital have seen too many cases of pet dental problems. It is very important to bring your pet for routine exams to make sure that your pet get the necessary treatment and that your pet is pain free. We understand if your pet may feel uneasy towards our veterinarians. In our veterinary care, we make sure that your pet feels comfortable by showing love and compassion during each visit. We want to make each stay a happy and healthy experience. 

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