Pet Anesthesia

Pet Anesthesia Services from Your Veterinarian in San Jose, CA

One of the biggest concerns owners voice about possible surgery for a beloved pet is anesthesia.  Our Alum Rock Animal Hospital in San Jose utilizes pet anesthesia to perform a number of services.  Understanding more about how our veterinarian administers it often resolves a number of owner concerns.

Pet Anesthesia Services from Your Veterinarian in San Jose, CA

The Role of Pet Anesthesia

The most common use of pet anesthesia is to perform major surgery.  It is a requirement when using surgery to spay or neuter an animal, treat trauma, or remove tumors, and certain other growths.

However, anesthesia is also an important part of other procedures for several reasons.  It stops an animal from moving or feeling pain during surgery, radiologic imaging, or endoscopy.  Sedation is useful for pets that are scared or difficult to handle.  Anesthesia makes certain dental procedures possible by controlling a pet’s level of consciousness.

How We Handle Anesthesia

Our veterinarian considers the risk of using anesthesia minor because of the precautions our staff takes.  We prefer to use general anesthesia because it provides pets with several benefits:

    • It keeps animals pain-free and calm
    • It helps keep them safe by minimizing bleeding and movement
    • It permits our staff to be more effective during a procedure

Before administering anesthesia, we thoroughly review a pet’s medical history to assess any prior or likely problems.  Sometimes lab tests are necessary in addition to a comprehensive physical exam to determine a pet’s risk for complications while under anesthesia.

Some pets benefit from an initial sedative that calms them.  It might also permit using less general anesthetic to complete treatment. 

Once a pet is under anesthesia, we administer fluids and medication via IV and monitor the animal’s temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and heart rate. 

Because our staff realizes how difficult a waiting period can be for owners, we provide frequent updates on a pet’s status.  When the animal is ready to go home, we will provide detailed discharge instructions and answer any questions you may have about continued recovery and the need for any additional treatment.

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