How Ultrasound Can Improve Your Pet's Health


Ultrasound examination is a non-invasive imaging technique to help see the inner workings of the body. It can be indispensable in determining the causes of symptoms and health problems. It is much safer than X-rays, which are potentially dangerous due to potential radiation exposure.

Pet Diagnostics For Your Dog or Cat

Ultrasound is one of the top pet diagnostics San Jose for your dog or cat. During the process, the equipment directs a focused beam of high-frequency sound waves in the area to be examined. The sound waves then return as "echoes" and are converted into a viewable image. Ultrasound allows for the internal organs to be examined in a safe and non-invasive manner so that medical insights and a more accurate diagnosis is possible.

Ultrasound was originally developed to examine pregnant animals in the veterinary field. However, its safety and effectiveness soon made it a popular choice for examining and diagnosing health problems in humans. Ultrasound has saved many lives due to its ability to see tumors and other anomalies in their early stages when medical intervention can make a difference.

Ultrasound can be indispensable in detecting and diagnosing the following health conditions:

  • Heart anomalies
  • Intestinal blockages
  • Pregnancy
  • Organ problems
  • Cysts
  • Tumors
  • Cancer
  • Brain/head issues

In this way, it can be indispensable in saving pets’ lives when a serious illness has begun in the body. It can also help with diagnosing some eye diseases as well.

Ultrasounds are typically painless and anesthesia is not usually required. However, if a pet is prone to anxiety they may be treated with a mild sedative so that they will sit still during the scan and a more accurate result can be achieved.    

The Ultrasound Process

Due to the nature of the scan, in most cases, the pet’s fur will have to be shaved in the area that is to be examined. This is to allow for the application of water-soluble ultrasound gel and allow for the hand-held probe to make total contact with the pet’s skin. These steps help to ensure a more accurate ultrasound image and diagnosis.

Immediate Medical Insights

One of the top benefits of ultrasound is that results can be generated immediately, in real time. The results are viewed on a monitor nearby and an assessment can be made immediately. In some cases, the images will be sent to a veterinary radiologist in order to receive more refined insights, which can take a few days.

If your pet is exhibiting symptoms for which you have no explanation, an ultrasound just might be in order. It can also help with detecting and monitoring pregnancy and ensuring healthy fetal development.

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