Pet Boarding: FAQs

At Alum Rock Animal Hospital, we understand that you may have reservations about boarding your pet. For this reason, we invite you to tour our pet boarding facility and get to know our staff. We’ll answer your questions and put your mind at ease concerning your pet’s care. The following about pet boarding from our San Jose veterinarian will give you an idea of what to expect.


Why Is an Animal Hospital a Good Place for Pet Boarding?

There are numerous advantages to boarding your pet at an animal hospital. Your pet will be cared for by trained animal care personnel with years of experience in their field. In the event of an emergency, a licensed veterinarian will be on call to provide medical care. This is especially important for pets that need special care. Our facility is fully qualified to handle your pet’s physical and emotional needs.

Will My Pet Receive Quality Care?

Yes. We will provide your pet with a safe, clean, secure environment in which to stay. Our staff will also ensure your pet is fed, exercised, and loved while you are gone. Your beloved animal will even have supervised play and exercise times daily and be given personal attention to keep him happy and healthy during his stay.

What If My Pet Has Special Needs?

Our San Jose veterinarian and staff are fully capable of caring for special needs pets. Whether your pet is on a special diet, requires medications, or needs extra TLC, we will ensure his needs are met. Please inform us about your pet’s special needs when you book a stay with us so we can make arrangements for his care.

What Should I Bring from Home When Dropping Off My Pet?

We encourage you to bring your pet’s food, water and food bowls, and special toys from home to help him feel more at ease in our care. If your pet is on medications or taking vitamins, you’ll need to bring these as well, along with instructions for administering his meds.  

Will My Pet Be Safe In Your Care?

We require that all pets be up to date on their vaccinations before they’re allowed into our facility. This reduces the risk of your pet contracting a communicable disease while in our care. We also supervise all exercise and playtimes with other pets to prevent accidental injuries or squabbles.

Bring Your Pet to Alum Rock Animal Hospital for Quality Pet Boarding Care

At Alum Rock Animal Hospital, we want to take the stress out of boarding your pet. When you bring your animal to our San Jose facility, you can have full confidence that he will receive the best of care. To make a reservation for boarding, call us at (408) 258-2735.