If your dog or cat is currently suffering from a dermatological issue, finding them relief is sure to be a concern you are dealing with. The first step in getting help for your pet’s skin ailment is to contact Alum Rock Animal Hospital to make an appointment with our veterinarian for an assessment of the affected areas. Our vet will determine the cause of the skin trouble, irritation, rash, or hair loss, and make a determination for the best course of action to take to treat it as needed. Here is some general information about skin ailments pets often suffer from and how our vet can help.

cat getting checked out by a vet

How to Tell If Your Pet Is Having an Allergic Reaction

Pets, like people, can have an allergic reaction to foods, their environment, chemicals, or parasites. If your pet is suffering from a skin reaction as a result of an allergy, they may also display a few additional symptoms to be on the lookout for. Skin reactions often come in the form of red, raised bumps that are noticeable when you part your pet's fur. Itchiness is a common symptom associated with skin reactions. Your pet may be seen scratching excessively. Oozing from the skin, localized hair loss, or even lesions may also be signs of an allergic reaction.

The presence of fleas is also a dead giveaway that your pet may be dealing with an allergic reaction.  Flea allergy, as the leading cause of dermatitis in pets, is easily recognized by a pet’s excessive scratching. A flea infestation causes extreme discomfort for pets as well as humans, and an Alum Rock Animal Hospital veterinarian can provide anti-flea medications for your pet as well as provide preventative measures against fleas.

Be Aware of Skin Problems When Hair Disappears

If your pet has areas on their body where fur is no longer present, their skin may be suffering from a reaction which causes it to fall out. Take a close look at the skin for any signs of raised bumps or scaly patches. If your pet bites or licks at their body to try to stop discomfort associated with a skin ailment, the fur may be sparse in these areas. The loss of fur, however, could also be the result of an anxiety disorder. It is best to contact a veterinarian for an assessment to determine the cause.

What Our Veterinarian Will Do to Help

If your pet has a skin problem, seeing our veterinarian is the best way to find out the reason for this condition. Our vet will help you pinpoint triggers that cause your pet to have allergic reactions. This way you will be better prepared to help avoid situations where your pet comes into contact with them. Medication will be provided to clear any skin problems and keep them from recurring. If your pet requires an appointment for an assessment, simply contact Alum Rock Animal Hospital to speak with one of our staff members. Reach out to us today at (408) 258-2735 or fill out our online form for scheduling.