Conditions Treated

Taking care of your pet is a lifetime job. While there is a lot you can do at home, you need the services of a veterinarian for all-rounded pet care. If you are in San Jose, CA, you don’t have to go far if looking for an animal hospital. Alum Rock Animal Hospital has a caring team and offers a rich menu of vet care services to ensure your pet’s health remains in tip-top condition.

Below are the conditions we can treat.

Pet Arthritis

Like humans, pets can suffer from arthritis. This inflammatory condition occurs when your joints degenerate, resulting in pain and limited mobility. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, which occurs when the cartilage in the joints wears down, causing bones to rub against each other. If it’s not treated, bone spurs form, which worsens mobility and discomfort.

The common symptoms of pet arthritis include lethargy, limping, muscle loss, and inability to climb stairs. While we can’t cure arthritis, treatments exist to improve the symptoms. Our veterinarian may recommend weight reduction, rehabilitation exercises, supplements, and NSAIDs to treat arthritis.

Fleas and Ticks

Ticks and fleas are a nuisance but also cause numerous diseases in pets. Like all pests, prevention is the best way to curb tick and flea-related problems. We often advise pet owners to keep their houses and pets clean to keep parasites in check. However, sometimes home remedies may fall short, warranting the intervention of a professional.

We offer topical and oral medication to keep these pesky parasites away from your pet. If you have been overwhelmed with tick and flea infestation, please talk to our vet for help.

Pet Allergies

Is your pet itching frequently? Does your pet have watery eyes? Pet allergies could be the culprit. Like humans, allergies in pets can be a source of discomfort. And not only that. Pet allergies may be a symptom of an underlying condition that needs a closer look. We treat pet allergies by first identifying the cause of irritation. If the condition is significant, we may prescribe antihistamines.

Pet Eye Infections

There are several causes of eye infections in pets, ranging from viruses, bacteria, foreign objects, eye injuries and fungi. The common symptoms of pet eye infections include eye discharge, squinting, eye redness, and swelling. Instead of treating eye infections with home remedies, please see a veterinarian. We first diagnose the cause before administering treatment. Since the causes vary, treatments differ. Most eye infections are treatable with eye drops, although we can change treatment if the cause is foreign objects or injury.

Top-Notch Vet Care Services in San Jose, CA

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