Pet Eye Infections

Pet Eye Infections occur for a variety of reasons and cause distress to dogs and cats when they arise. If you suspect your pet has an eye infection, contact Alum Rock Animal Hospital in San Jose to make an appointment with our veterinarian for an exam. Here is some information about eye infections in pets to read over so you understand what causes them and how they are treated.

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Signs That Your Dog Or Cat May Have An Eye Infection

There are a few signs to be on the lookout for that could mean your pet is suffering from an eye infection. Many eye infections start with a discharge. This can be clear or white in appearance. It could also be in a liquid form or crusted around the pet's eye. A pet with an eye infection will likely have some cloudiness over the main portion of the eye, making it difficult for them to see properly. This could cause your pet to slow down as they have trouble getting around. If your pet seems off balance when they walk, it could be the result of not being able to see adequately. In some instances, you may notice a scratch upon the surface of your pet's eye as well.

Why It Is Important To Treat An Eye Infection

If you think your pet has an eye infection, do not wait for it to clear up on its own. It is best to make an appointment with our veterinarian to have the affected eye assessed. This is important because if the infection is not treated quickly, it could spread to the other eye. It could also cause your pet great distress as it may be causing pain or discomfort. In addition, severe eye infections could cause permanent vision loss or even blindness.

How Eye Infections Happen And How Our Veterinarian Can Help

Eye infections can be the result of your pet having a cold, or they can be caused by an injury to the eye. If your pet's eye becomes scratched, an eye infection could quickly result. Our veterinarian will conduct an evaluation of your pet's symptoms and look at the affected eye in detail to determine the cause of any symptoms being displayed. In many cases, the treatment requires medication to clear up an infection in its entirety. This will also help to stop the spread of an infection to the other eye.

If your pet needs an exam to determine whether treatment for a pet eye infection is necessary, contact Alum Rock Animal Hospital in San Jose to meet with our veterinarian. Call our practice today at (408) 258-2735 or schedule an appointment using our online form.