Pet Digital Radiology

Digital Radiology Services From Our Veterinarian in San Jose

Pet Digital Radiology

When you suspect that something might be wrong with your pet, you want to make sure he receives the most accurate diagnosis possible. X-ray imaging, or radiology, has been tremendously helpful in this regard ever since these mysterious rays were first discovered in 1895. But the traditional film-based process of exposing and developing X-rays comes with its share of problems as well, from radiation risks to the length of development time. But now your pet can benefit from the fastest, clearest, most convenient form of radiology available to modern medicine -- our digital radiology service at Alum Rock Animal Hospital.

Digital Radiology vs. Standard X-Rays

X-rays are invisible to the eye, and yet they have an amazing ability to make invisible objects visible. This form of radiation passes through softer tissues while bouncing off of harder objects such as bones, teeth, metal implants and other solids. When an animal's body is placed on a photographic plate and subjected to X-ray imaging, those X-rays that fail to pass through the body create a negative image on film. When the film is developed, several structures within the pet's body can be seen, allowing the attending vet to detect and diagnose injuries or health problems.

As you might expect from an older technology, however, X-ray technology has had significant room for improvement. For one thing, the fact that the images must be developed adds several minutes to the diagnostic process -- not a good thing when time is of the essence. Images that turn out to be less than ideal must then be re-taken. Additionally, traditional X-rays expose pets to small but significant amounts of radiation. Last but not least, the X-ray images tend to be cumbersome to manipulate and hard to share with other vets.

The digital radiology used by our veterinarian in San Jose beats standard X-rays in a number of ways. Your pet will benefit from:

  • Less exposure to radiation, resulting in a safer overall experience
  • Images instantly recorded to digital format, without the delays of film development
  • Sharper, clearer images than X-ray photography can provide, including the option of digital enhancement
  • Pictures that can easily be displayed on a monitor or emailed to other consulting professionals

A Valuable Part of Our Pet Diagnostics in San Jose

Digital radiology is an essential tool for our various pet diagnostics in San Jose. We can use this technology to help spot foreign objects or stones, examine fractures and joint problems, identify certain soft tissue masses such as tumors, and examine several of the major organs for any signs of malformation, disease or damage. The sooner we can positively identify these issues, the sooner we can provide the necessary treatment for your beloved pet.

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