Pet Teeth Extraction

When the topic of pet surgery comes up, some people may think of procedures to treat tumors or broken bones. However, pet surgery may also be necessary for certain dental issues. We at Alum Rock Animal Hospital offer tooth extraction as a treatment option as a part of pet dental care. Schedule your pet’s tooth extraction by calling our animal hospital in San Jose, CA.

Pet Teeth Extraction

What Dental Issues Can Tooth Extraction at Our Animal Hospital Address?

Cats and dogs don’t know about the importance of practicing dental hygiene, so we need to handle that aspect of their health maintenance. Unfortunately, some pet owners might fail to recognize the importance of proper dental care for cats and dogs. They might never develop a proper dental hygiene routine with their pet while feeding them surgery foods at the same time. By the time they realize their pet has a serious dental issue, tooth extraction may be the only viable solution for it.

Broken teeth might also need to be extracted eventually. If your pet has developed periodontal disease due to poor dental hygiene, the bacterial infection brought about by that disease may also compromise the health of their teeth. The teeth affected by periodontal disease may have to be removed to salvage your pet’s dental health.

Scheduling a vet appointment for tooth extraction may also be necessary if your pet has developed certain health conditions. A veterinarian on our team can evaluate your pet’s health and determine if a tooth extraction is the best potion for him.

What Can You Expect After Your Pet’s Tooth Extraction?

Staying patient may be important following your pet’s tooth extraction. Although your pet may start behaving normally just a few days after the procedure, their surgical wounds might not be fully healed at that point.

During that time, you may have to keep an eye on your pet. Seeing a little bit of blood near the surgical site is normal but there should be no persistent bleeding. You may also have to monitor your pet’s activity level, as it should be limited throughout the recovery process.

Monitoring your pet’s diet is also important. Adhere to the veterinarian’s recommendations to help ensure there are no complications following the procedure.

Get Vet Care and Pet Surgery from a Veterinarian Near You at Our Animal Hospital

Let us at Alum Rock Animal Hospital handle your pet’s tooth extraction. Stop by our location in San Jose, CA, and let’s schedule your pet’s procedure as soon as possible. Call us at (408) 258-2735 for vet care and pet surgery from a veterinarian near you.