Pet Surgery

What to Expect with Pet Surgery

Pets need surgery for different reasons. Your San Jose, CA, veterinarian may recommend elective surgery like spay and neuter treatment to improve your pet’s quality of life. Your pet may need emergency surgery to treat a severe health issue or injury and restore your pet’s health. Alum Rock Animal Hospital in San Jose, CA, is here for your pet surgery needs to get your furry friend back on its feet.

Pet Surgery

Consultation for Surgery

Our veterinarian will sit with you, review your pet's condition, and explain the reasons for surgical treatment so you can feel at ease with this decision. We will go over your pet's procedure, discuss the risks, answer any questions you may have, and keep you fully informed so you know what to expect.

Pre-surgery Diagnostics and Prep

Pets must be in good health for surgery. We will schedule a pre-surgery exam and bloodwork tests to make sure your pet has no health issues that will interfere with the procedure. We will then perform additional tests to get a clearer picture of your pet’s state of health if the exam or blood tests reveal abnormalities. We will be sure to resolve any issues your pet has before doing surgery to ensure your pet gets the safest and most effective treatment possible.

We will schedule a date for surgery once all other issues have been resolved, and provide detailed instructions on preparing your pet for its treatment. We recommend bathing and grooming your furry friend before its treatment to be clean and hygienic for its procedure.  

Pet Surgical Procedures

Our team has experience with all kinds of surgical procedures ranging from routine spay and neuter treatment to:

•             dental extractions

•             skin surgery

•             tumor removal

•             corrective surgery for pet injuries

•             foreign body removal

•             orthopedic surgery

No two pets are exactly alike when it comes to surgical treatment. We treat each one of our pet patients distinctly to meet their individual healthcare needs.

Post-op Surgical Care

Our veterinarian will provide you with detailed instructions on your pet’s post-op care after the surgery is done. We can also provide pain medications and antibiotics to ease any discomfort, pain, and reduce the risk of infection. You will need to prepare a warm, comfy place, preferably in a quiet area of your home, for your pet's recovery. Contact your veterinarian right away if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s post-op care.

Safe and Effective Pet Surgery Near You in San Jose, CA

Your pet needing surgery can be a scary time, but Alum Rock Animal Hospital in San Jose, CA, you can put all those worries to rest with our safe and effective surgical treatment. Call us at (408) 258-2735 and schedule the surgery your furry friend needs.