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How Can You Tell If Your Pet Is Allergic to Food?

Just like people, pets can be allergic to certain ingredients in their food. Even though dog food and cat food are made to give the best nutrition for a wide variety of pets, there will always be some that cannot tolerate certain kinds. Here are some tips on pet food allergies and how they are diagnosed at Alum Rock Animal Hospital in San Jose.

Skin Symptoms of Pet Food Allergies

The main symptoms of dog food or cat food allergic reactions usually appear on the skin. The pet gets very itchy, even to the point of scratching itself raw. The skin might be red and have hives or bumps that appear as soon as six hours or as late as 24 hours after the pet eats. Swellings might appear in the mouth or on the face. The pet may also suffer from chronic infections in the ears or the paws.

Other Symptoms of Pet Food Allergies

Pets experiencing an allergic reaction may chronically vomit their food or suffer from diarrhea. Some pets suffer from incredibly foul-smelling gas. Pets may have runny eyes or a runny nose. Pets can also seem more tired than usual, often because their symptoms do not allow them to rest. A pet with food allergies may have a combination of symptoms.

Diagnosing a Food Allergy

Unfortunately, these symptoms can also be the cause of other illnesses, such as an allergic reaction to flea bites or other kinds of pet allergies. Therefore, the best way to ensure your pet is properly diagnosed is by bringing him or her to our office for a thorough analysis. We will provide various tests for a full understanding of your pet’s current health.

Common Ingredients That Cause Allergic Reactions in Pets

When cats have food allergies, they are often allergic to dairy products or a specific kind of protein like beef, chicken, or fish. Dogs are often allergic to grains, soy, or a specific kind of animal protein. Both dogs and cats can be allergic to artificial ingredients, meat by-products, or preservatives.

Contact Us for Pet Allergy Treatment from Our Veterinarian in San Jose 

If you still have questions about pet allergies and their food and live in the San Jose area, contact us at Alum Rock Animal Hospital by calling us at (408) 258-2735 for an appointment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your pet.