What is the Best Age to Microchip A Puppy?

When Should You Get Your Puppy Chipped?

The sooner you get your puppy microchipped, the sooner your dog is protected should it get loose or become lost. This is why many veterinarians recommend having your puppy microchipped at eight weeks of age. You might also consider local laws regarding pet registration, vaccination, and microchipping. Having your dog microchipped might allow you to save on registration or other fees, while you may risk a fine if you do not abide by local laws. If you are looking for microchipping services in San Jose, Alum Rock Animal Hospital is ready to assist you. 

If your puppy comes from a breeder or your dog gives birth to a puppy, then the responsibility of microchipping falls on your shoulders. Microchipping is a quick procedure that can often be done during other appointments. Our veterinarian may be able to microchip your puppy during a vaccination appointment, for example.

Of course, there may be times when you cannot get your dog microchipped within the first few weeks of life. For instance, you may adopt a dog after eight weeks of age. There's no reason why you cannot have an older dog microchipped.

It's possible for an existing microchip to fail or migrate, which prevents it from being scanned when if your pet becomes lost. Having your veterinarian periodically check for the microchip can ensure that your pet is protected, and a new microchip will be inserted if necessary.

Aside from maintaining the physical microchip, it's also important to keep the information on the chip up to date. If you move, change veterinarians, or get a new phone number, make sure to contact the company that operates the microchip database. Keep the paperwork that comes with your microchip to ensure that you'll be able to update this information.

Microchipping Services in San Jose

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