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Helping Pets with Arthritis with Lifestyle Changes

Most of us will go through several major lifestyle changes throughout our lives. That might mean retiring, living in an empty nest, moving to a new country, or whatever else. The same is true for dogs, cats, and other animals. The lifestyle changes for our pets are often done through necessity as their bodies age and change at a faster rate than ours. Our team at Alum Rock Animal Hospital in San Jose has a few tips to help your pets by implementing a few lifestyle changes when dealing with pet arthritis.

Lifestyle Changes, Aging, & Pet Arthritis

As pets age, their bodies will change. Your cat, dog, or other animals may experience pet arthritis, which could limit his or her mobility and cause other health issues. Our veterinarian can treat arthritis with medication, diet changes, and other methods. As your pet ages, you may need to adjust its diet to reduce indigestion and to ensure that your pet gets everything it needs. Proper exercise and weight loss may also be recommended when treating dog arthritis.

Although food and exercise are great and very important for pets, as they age you need to limit both for their own good. Activities that your pet once loves like long hikes and running around in the yard for hours might not be appropriate as your pet enters its senior years.

If you have a cat, you may notice accidents around the litter box or elsewhere in your home because your cat is having difficulty getting in and out of the litter box. You can take steps to make it easier for your cat to access the litter box.

For both cats and dogs, their food and water dishes might not be as easy to reach as they once were now that they have limited mobility. You can use special trays that are designed to elevate the bowls a bit higher making them easier to use. Speaking of limited mobility, stairs may become an issue for your older pet.

You may need to carry your pet or have multiple litter boxes on multiple floors if you have a cat. Lastly, there is hopping up on the bed of a comfy sofa. If your pets are allowed on the furniture but seem less willing than before, it could be due to pet arthritis. You may want to consider specially made pet ramps/stairs that help your furry friends snuggle on the sofa.

Contact Our Veterinarian in San Jose, CA

Older pets have a lot of love to give and we understand the important role they play in your family. If your pet is dealing with arthritis and you live in or around San Jose, contact our team at Alum Rock Animal Hospital. Call us today at (408) 258-2735 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bath.