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Preventative Pet Wellness in San Jose

Preventative Pet Wellness in San Jose

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Preventative pet wellness in San Jose is important for pets of our community. At Alum Rock Animal Hospital in San Jose CA, we help our pet patients to stay healthy by administering wellness care. We recommend that pet owners of the area bring their pets in for pet wellness care at least once annually to help pets avoid chronic conditions and serious illnesses. 

What Is Pet Wellness? 

At Alum Rock Animal Hospital, we use the following techniques to help pet patients stay healthy:

Pet dental. We administer pet dental care to pets of all ages. During pet dental visits, we inspect and clean pet teeth. For pets who have serious dental conditions, we also provide diagnosis and treatment.

Flea and tick prevention. Fleas and ticks can spread disease, so we prescribe preventatives that can help keep these pests away. 

Vaccinations. We administer vaccinations to help pets build up their immune system and stay protected from serious illnesses. 

Regular wellness exams. During your pet's wellness exam, we'll perform a full physical examination. We'll also weigh your pet and answer any questions you might have about caring for your pet.

Spay and neuter services. Spaying and neutering services help protect pets from unwanted pet pregnancies. Spaying and neutering services also help pets avoid diseases of the reproductive system.  

The Importance of Regular Pet Wellness Exams

Our regular wellness exams help us catch conditions before they become advanced. Wellness exams can help us identify serious conditions like cancer and heart disease in older pets, and conditions like a parasitic infection in younger pets. All pets should see the vet at least once per year for a regular wellness exam, but we recommend that older pets come in twice annually because they are at higher risk for a serious condition. 

Work With Your Pet's Veterinarian In San Jose

As your pet's veterinarian in San Jose, we can guide your pet through all the stages of life. To make an appointment for your pet, contact us today at 408-258-2735.