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How to Prepare For Your First Road Trip with Your Pets

If you have been planning on doing some traveling in the near future and you want to bring your pet or pets along, then schedule an appointment with our San Jose veterinarian at Alum Rock Animal Hospital. Our veterinarian will conduct a full examination to check on your pet or pets' health. Here are some additional travel tips to keep in mind.

Get the Right Supplies for the Trip

Your pet will require a few comforts of your home, if you intend on traveling for an extended time period. Purchase a travel water bowl and food dish to keep with you whenever you decide to hit the road. Purchase a carrier for a cat or a leash for a dog to help keep your pet safe. A warm blanket and a few toys are also necessary to keep your pet or pets comfortable.

Gather Paperwork before Heading Out

It is wise to have your pet checked over by our San Jose veterinarian before you take pet road trips. Our veterinarian will provide you with the essential documentation about your pet's health, including a list of immunizations your pet have received. This is important if your pet happens to run into an emergency situation while you are away from home. Keep your pet's documentation in a safe container in case it needs to be accessed while you are away from home.

Keep Your Pet Restrained and Take Frequent Breaks

While it is tempting to allow your pet to roam freely in a vehicle during your pet road trip, it is best to keep them contained, in case an accident arises. This will also keep your pet from running from your vehicle any time you open the door. Make sure to take frequent breaks from driving. Your pet will enjoy having time to stretch their legs under your supervision.

If you intend to take your pet or pets with you when traveling, then reach out to Alum Rock Animal Hospital to make an appointment with our San Jose veterinarian. Call us at 408-258-2735 for more travel tips.