Arthritis in Pets

Alum Rock Animal Hospital Offers Help for Arthritis in Pets

Pets can develop arthritis as they age, just as people do. The everyday wear and tear on joints can lead to pain and a reluctance to exercise that can affect other areas of their health. However, arthritis can be improved with proper veterinary treatment. At Alum Rock Animal Hospital in San Jose, CA, we can improve mobility and quality of life for older animals with arthritis.

Alum Rock Animal Hospital Offers Help for Arthritis in Pets

Symptoms of Arthritis in Pets

Animals are good at hiding their discomfort, so you may not be aware of the arthritis pain your pet is experiencing on a daily basis. You may notice small signs, such as reluctance to walk upstairs, shorter walks, and licking at an affected limb. Cats are even better at hiding pain and may demonstrate their discomfort by failing to use the litter box properly or constantly grooming one area of the body.

Diagnosing Arthritis

Your vet in San Jose will examine your pet carefully and observe how your pet walks and arises from a sitting position. If arthritis is suspected, your pet may be x-rayed to determine the amount of damage to the bones and joints. Urine and blood tests may also be done to rule out other conditions.

Your San Jose Veterinarian Can Help Treat Arthritis Pain and Stiffness

Veterinarians treat arthritis in pets with a number of medications that have been formulated specifically for animal use. In addition, the vet may advise using aspirin or over-the-counter NSAIDs drugs to manage pain. Not all human pain relievers can be used safely for animals, so follow your vet’s instructions carefully. Nutritional supplements can also be helpful in rebuilding cartilage and reducing discomfort. Your vet can also advise on ways to help your pet be more comfortable, such as providing a padded bed to sleep in, limiting exercise, and making the litter box easier to access.

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