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About Our San Jose Veterinarian Team

At Alum Rock Animal Hospital, our unique one-on-one approach to patient care makes us the choice veterinarian in San Jose. With years of combined experience, the most advanced medical equipment available and a passion for keeping your family pets happy and healthy, you won’t find a better San Jose veterinarian to meet the many needs of your pets!

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As a full-service animal hospital, we offer a wide variety of vet services to meet the many needs of your family pets as they grow from puppies and kittens on up to senior pets. With Dr. Garry Bath and the rest of our experienced team by your side, raising healthy and content family pets is a joy your family will have for many years to come.

Pet Health Services Available from Our San Jose Veterinarian Team

Pet Wellness Exams & Preventative Care

Our San Jose veterinarian knows that the best way to keep your pets healthy and thriving at any age is with preventative care services! With annual pet wellness exams, we can keep track of your pet’s health as they grow and catch any serious health conditions early on. As your pet ages, the frequency of their wellness exams may increase to ensure that they are living a happy and comfortable life.


From the time they are little puppies and kittens, well into their adulthood, we are happy to provide various vaccinations to keep them protected from common diseases and illnesses.

Spay & Neutering Services

Spaying and neutering your family pets is the best way to avoid over population and curb unwanted health and behavioral issues early on in their lives. Our experienced veterinarian team will work closely to assess your pet’s individual needs and recommend the appropriate age for a safe spay or neutering procedure.

Dental Care

While certain breeds are more susceptible to oral health issues than other, it is important to saty on top of your pet’s dental health needs. With regular at-home care and dental cleanings in office, we can help ensure that you pet’s teeth are strong and disease-free as they age.

Flea, Tick & Parasite Care Services

One of the easiest ways to increase your family pet’s quality of life and avoid serious health conditions later on down the line is to work with our San Jose veterinarian to maintain a healthy coat and skin. With regular veterinarian visits, we can easily design a treatment plan to avoid fleas, ticks and other parasites.

Urgent Care & Emergencies

We know firsthand that emergency pet situations can be frightening and stressful for our patients and their families, Luckily, with our convenient urgent care services, we will act quickly to meet the emergency medical needs of your pet!

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